Photo Essay:


Stampede Tapered Service Body

This example illustrates a service body that Qsine helped Stampede Manufacturing Inc. build. Qsine did the shearing and forming and Stampede did the welding and assembly.

What makes this body unique is the tapered front design. Stampede had built this unit before and gave us sketches for the overall body. We detailed the body in CAD and used the computer to generate the flat templates for each part.

The trickiest component is the top nose. It tapers down and in, and blends the large radius at the front to the tight bend at the back. It also acts as the top door sill, which must be true to horizontal to ensure that the door fits right.

The previous build of the top nose was constructed from 5 panels (1 top, 2 sides & 2 door sills) as well as 2 spherical corners. With our 3D CAD we laid the part out as a single panel plus 2 spherical corners.

The part mated very nicely to the adjacent pieces and the door sill laid true to horizontal, giving the body a nicely finished look. Compared to the 5 piece nose, the single piece nose took much less welding and grinding so it was less costly to assemble, had less weld distortion and fewer imperfections in the finish.

The customer benefited in two ways. The time taken up front to design the solution actually resulted in less time and lower costs for the overall build process. The design of the tapered body also lessened vehicle drag and significantly reduced fuel consumption.