Qsine Hydraulic Manifolds

Custom Designs: Stock and Made-To-Order with Quick Turn Arounds

For decades, Qsine has been solving people's difficult, hydraulic system related problems. We use everything from simple junction manifolds to complex integrated circuits to provide top-notch systems. We also design and provision hydraulic manifolds to our customers as products.

We used to contract out the machining of our manifold designs thinking they were simple manufacturing tasks. However, they require a lot of custom tooling and all of the details are hidden within the block. Most shops lack the tooling and hydraulic experience to properly manufacture and inspect complex parts. We machine our own designs and our customer's designs.

Unless a customer commissions us to produce a proprietary design, we generally will develop a manifold for their application without a design charge and turn it into a standard product. A standard product selector will be available on this page soon. In the mean time, feel free to look us up on our About Us page and inquire about our stock products or having your manifold made.

For more information about our hydraulic manifold design and machining service please see our Manifold Service page.