Qsine Custom Stainless Steel Tanks

Maintenance-Free, High Reliability for Harsh Environements

Over the years we have designed and manufactured many custom projects and products but the one product line that we have noticed the highest customer satisfaction is stainless, industrial fluid tanks. This is a sweet spot for us. Our machine shop is well equippder to manufacture ORB as well as NPT ports, access covers and flanges, ball valve mount and host of other accessories filter, heaters, breathers, etc. so we can customize the tank for most any need. Generally they are of a size that we can handle well and our welders are fussy Tig guys and the pride they take in their work really shows in stainless.


We design our assemblies in 3D CAD and can provide engineering models that can be used in your designs to ensure fit for mounts, plumbing and accessories all work withing your constraints.

Many of our common port sizes and access covers are machined from astings to be economical and reduce weight relative to machining from plate or bar. We stock the following accessories in 304 stainless to provide quick turn around on custom tanks:


  • ORB tank flanges: from -12 to -32.
  • NPT tank flanges: in 2" and 3" for larger pump inlets and in-place heaters.
  • Access Flanges: in 10" and 13-1/2" round.
  • ASA butterfly valve flanges: in 2.0" and 2.5".
Other accessories we stock in 304 stainless from plate or solid bar are:
  • ASA butterfly valve flanges: in 1.5" through 4.0".
  • Bolt on sight-leve flanges: in 5" and 10".
  • NPT coupling and 1.2 couplings: in 1/2" through 3".

We invested in an electro-chemical system that cleans and passivates stainless welds. It improves the corrosion resistance of the heat affected material.

We have also invested in large radius press tooling to make round corner tanks. These large radius corners greatly improve fatigue resistance in truck mounted tanks.

We will custom machine access covers out of aluminum to suite your need, For example we have made them to hold filters, breathers and other accessory that drop into the top of the tank.