Qsine All Stainless Steel Hinges

Maintenance-Free, High Reliability for Harsh Environements

Qsine stainless steel hinges are primarily used for body, tool box and cabinet work for truck mounted equipment. The features our customers appreciate are:

  • Durable: Heavy-duty, brightly polished 304 stainless tolerates road salt and vibration common to truck applications.
  • Maintenance-Free: Nylon pin bushings require no lubrication (hence no lube stains) and provide long, squeak-free life.
  • Accurate: A tight fit between the pin and bushings ensures smooth, rattle-free operation.
  • Cost Effective, Professional Installation: Mount holes are prepared for regular or carriage head bolts and our design allows the strap to rotate freely without shimming the ears.
  • Wide application Range: 2 sizes gives a consistent appearance to both man doors and cabinet openings.
We originally designed our hinges to provide an attractive, easy to install, maintenance-free hinge for our customer. The hinge they originally used had the strap curl rolled larger than the ear curls. To prevent the strap from scuffing the body, the ears had to be elevated with shims. Other hinges did not have nylon bearings and the loose fitting pins, rattled and quickly wore out even with frequent greasing or oiling. They tried other hinges that were not all stainless construction and found they corroded, squeaked or seized after only a short time in service.

Qsine's stainless hinges were designed to solve all of these problems. Squeaky hinges get the attention and the grease... and cussing. Customers using our hinges often forget they even have them.