Hydraulic Tanks

Qsine manufactures a series of round hydraulic reservoirs we call Swirl Tanks. They allow the fluid to constantly circulate around the reservior as opposed to sitting stationary as is common in rectangular tanks.

We have found may benefits with this tank design and have published a paper on Fluid Conditioning that describes many of them.

And they can be made in many sizes.

...even horizontal. This reservior is truck mounted and used for a hydraulic generator drive application. Note the Qsine mounting system as well.

These are aluminum, diesel fuel tanks that have been converted for a hydraulic application.

They are actually done for a company that competes with us in a few areas. By behaving in a respectful, gentlemanly manner, we can work together, combine our skills and create more value for our customers.

Note that the flanges and sight level adapters were custom machined on our CNC milling machine. Having the right tools lets us do a job like this efficiently.

This actually is an aluminum, diesel fuel tank. It was custom built to suit the customers application and is very similar to a hydraulic tank.

Here is one of our tanks being used in a gear box lubrication system. The gearbox drives the main winch on a drilling rig.