Product Development Thinking Goes into
Our Products by Habit... Not by Request

Qsine customers want fabricated products that are well designed with maximum functionality and exceptional fit and finish. We keep our minds open to new technologies and methods that add value to the services we provide.

Continuous improvement is a philosophy that often gets more lip service than action. We believe in acting on this philosophy, not just recognizing that it exists. A great deal of time and effort goes into creating systems for manufacturing. Building tooling and fixturing for a given product is an example of how we improve consistency and reduce unit costs at the same time. Preplanning processes to utilize automation such as CNC tools is another.

In the following examples, there is a common theme in our improvement method: move the complexity to the front of the process and make the finishing simple. We make extensive use of laser cutting and press forming on complex parts. This requires preplanning and CAD designs but it takes the difficulty out of the finishing work.

If you appreciate the benefits of better design and quality in fabrication, then we welcome you to contact us to discuss how Qsine would approach your requirements.

Pipe Alignment Tool

We designed this tool for our customer back in the '80's. It was made purely from structural sections so that he could take it to virtually any shop and have it built. No special tools were required but a lot of hand cutting, fitting and welding was.

In 2006 after Qsine changed from a pure design house to a manufacturing and design house, our same customers asked us to start building the tools for him. We redesigned it for extensive use of laser cutting and press brake forming. The assembly still meets the original specifications but it is now much more professionally finished and more economical to produce.

Sliding Ladder

This sliding ladder was a finicky assembly of flat bar, channel and angle. The plethora of small parts take a long time to build and make it is hard to create a smooth, nicely finished assembly.

This is our solution made from aluminum sheet, square tube and ladder rung. Simplicity and integration (less parts performing more functions) is the key.

Block Boxes

This block box, that holds the wood outrigger pads, was also a finicky assembly of angle, flat bar and expanded metal. Again, the number of small parts resulted a long assembly times and a less than professional finish. We build this one per the example we were given. By the time we were done it was obvious there had to be a better way.

Our solution for the box was to contract the laser cutting of a flat template and in-house, press form the shape. While it takes some time for the laser parts to come in, forming the boxes is done in less time than cutting the materials for the old style. The rest of the project requires enough work that we are not waiting for the laser cutting. The result is better utilization of manpower.