Qsine's Okuma Macturn

9-Axis, Robot Loaded CNC Mill/Turn for the Unattended Production of Complex Parts

A sample showing the variety of parts we can produce in the Macturn. The tools to make every part shown are held on board the machine, in the 188 position tool belt.

Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. Hence, it is pretty hard to describe this machine with pictures. The video below shows some of the aspects of this machine and the gantry loader. We have posted a copy of this video to youtube.com also just in case you have problems with our site.

Our Macturn is a self-contained, "Flexible Manufacturing System" that can run unattended. The video above was filmed during a 60 hour, uninterrupted production run.

The main features of the machine that make unattended production possible are:
  • Gantry Loader: 2"-8" and 15 kg/part (33 lb) capacity
  • In-Process Probing: measures & verifies machined features
  • Automatic Tool Life Monitoring:
    • 188 Position Tool Changer: holds many tools so redundant tooling can be held on-board
    • Software Tool Run Time Measurement: Measures to the second how long the tool has cut
    • Software Tool Grouping: pooling for automatically changing worn of tools
  • 1,000 psi through tool coolant & multiple air blows to aid chip control
  • Sub-Spindle: can transfer part from spindle to spindle so the entire part can be machined automatically

For the tool aficionado, a complete list of options is given below. Otherwise, if you want to know if our machine's specifications are adequate to produce your parts, please call or send an e-mail. Our information in on the Contact Us page. A PDF brochure of our machine is available by clicking here.

I have also added a page that highlights upgrades and modifications that we performed ourselves on this machine. Warning, it's pretty nerdy! Click here if you care to see them!

  • Main spindle:
    • A2-8
    • 30/20 Hp
    • 3500 RPM
    • 3.15 spindle bore
    • 2.75 thru drawbar
    • SMW 260mm Quick Change Chuck
  • Sub Spindle:
    • A2-6
    • 15/10 Hp
    • 5000 RPM
    • 2.44 spindle bore
    • 2.04 thru drawbar
    • SMW 255mm Quick Change Chuck
  • +/-3.15 Y Axis
  • Temperature compensated Spindle, Sub-Spindle, M-Spindle and Bed
  • 12,000 RPM M-Spindle
  • 0.001° Indexing B axis
  • 1,000 psi Coolant Thru M-Spindle c/w Chip Blaster System
  • Mist collector
  • 188 CAPTO C6 M-Spindle Tools
  • 500 tool offsets
  • Lathe Tool Index
  • 12 Station VDI 40 Lower Turret (non-driven)
  • Helical Interpolation
  • 4 Spare M Codes
  • Auto Power Shut Off
  • DNC-T3 - Ethernet File Xfer, Alarming & Production Monitoring
  • Absolute XA/XB scales
  • Renishaw Auto Gauging
  • C/X Contouring
  • Shower Coolant
  • Automatic Door
  • Air Blow: Main Chuck, Sub Chuck and Turret
  • Rotating Lamp
  • O/H Gantry Loader w/ 2"-8" diameter & 33 lbs/part capacity
  • 14 station stocker