Everything built at Qsine is designed
to be high performance.

At Qsine we design each solution to the clients needs as opposed to copying existing products. The goal is to understand each detail and capture the feature's intent in the design. The result is superior functionality, high reliability and exceptional fit and finish. Qsine customers expect solutions that are a cut above.

Qsine manufactures short run, custom machinery. The custom work requires that we start the build from almost any level. Customers specifications come in many ways: from waving hands; to napkin sketches; to specification sheets; to fully detailed drawings. Depending on the requirements of the product in question, we will appropriately detail our own drawings and documentation. We provision products in one of two ways: as customer controlled products and as Qsine controlled products.

If the customer wants control of the design, the documentation Qsine produces becomes their property when the first project is complete and they are charged accordingly. Repeat builds are performed from that documentation and any design changes are the customer's reponsibility. This is an option we often use with companies that have the sales and service skills for their products but lack the manufacturing facilities.

When our customers only want a source for the product, we will perform the development and make the project an in-house product if we like the product and it's potntial. The product development costs are amortized across unit sales and Qsine accepts the responsibility for design changes. Naturally we provide after sales service for items that we manufacture and sell.

Generally, we do not run high production, assembly line type work. But we are a manufacturing company that works to maintain production schedules. We are not setup for emergency service and hence, we avoid general, maintenance service work - unless it is for a machine that we have manufactured.

Qsine facilities include a range of metal forming, welding and machining equipment. For the most part, we make extensive use of our 3D CAD system to refine new ideas before manufacturing begins. But we also use it to back document panic jobs that get designed while they are being manufactured on the shop floor.

We design and manufacture custom tooling and jigs to systematize our processes, control our accuracy and improve our efficiency. A wide range of affiliations with service and component suppliers complement our in-house capabilities and increases the scope and detail of our work.

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