Qsine Bio-Mag

This is a product that, so far, is unexplainable. All I can do is encourage people to look at it and ask questions.

Bio-What?... Bio-Mag...

This is an interesting little device that always gets the same reaction from people: A screwed up face and a comment like: "You gotta be kiddin' me!"

  • Click here for a description of what the Bio-Mag does.
  • ...here for a History of how Qsine got involved and what we found.
  • ...here for tips on how to control an experiment.
  • ...here for some thoughts about making judgements on results.
  • ...here to see the results of some of our experimenting.
  • ...here to find more information through the marketing information we used in the 1970's.

We are "application minded" or "engineering type" people at Qsine and we never did uncovered the secrets of this device. Our hope is that there is basic research going on in the field of Bio-Magnetics related to plant growth but we have found precious little published. We also hope that this web site will both inspire further research and get us into the loop of what other people are doing these days.

If you are interested in the Bio-Mag and would like to acquire one for your own use; or if you would like to share your research/experiences with us, please e-mail me here: .