Hydraulic Systems Design

Qsine specializes in developing sophisticated solutions for hydraulic systems including the design and manufacture of hydraulic ingtegrated circuit, manifolds and electro-hydraulic control systems. Clients rely on Qsine to help identify problem areas then design and manufacture solutions to satisfy even the most complex hydraulic requirements.

We work strictly in the the high performance and/or specialty hydraulic arena. High performance is generally considered:

  • High power density (high pressure and high flow)
  • High durability/high duty cycle
  • Precision speed, position, force and/or torque control.
The specialty market is basically new product development.

For the most part, we avoid low performance, mass market hydraulic system work such as power tailgates, dump bodies, plow controls and small cranes. Most hydraulic distributors and many truck equipment companies can service customers needing help with these products.

We also do not offer general installations or service work on systems that are not originally ours. Qsine is focused on designing, installing and providing ongoing service for the hydraulic systems that we build for our clients.

Hydraulic Manifold/IC Service

Qsine has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic integrated circuits (IC's) since the late 1980's. Our service has evolved as from strictly design to include in-house manufacturing also.

We have custom programed our 3D CAD system to make us significantly more efficient at creating manifold designs. We have also invested in a CNC machining center and specialized port tooling so that we can custom manufacture manifolds with quick deliveries (usually 2-4 weeks). We are currently developing our own custom CAM package that is tailored to the needs of manufacturing manifolds.

Please see our Hydraulic Manifold page for more detailed information about our hydraulic manifold service.

Electronic over Hydraulic Controls

One of our specialties is developing electronic controls to manage hydraulic systems. For applications where standard timer circuits or PLC's offer insufficient control, we custom design microcontroller circuits and program software tailored to the application.

Please see our Electronic Design Services page for more information.

We have interfaced electronic controls to a wide variety of discrete, proportional and servo hydraulic components. We have also designed many signal conditioning circuits to digitize a wide variety of hydraulic sensors. Using microcontrollers and writing application specific firmware, we connect sensors and actuators together to make complete closed loop control systems.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

We design custom hydraulic cylinders for specialized applications. All of our cylinders are considered heavy duty, (3,000 or 5,000 psi) for high endurance applications. We do not get involved with "economy" cylinders of any type.

Our in-house machining capability is quite limited for cylinders. We can produce some of the smaller cylinders entirely in-house but we normally contract out the machining and assemble in-house. Under the right circumstances, we will also provide drawings so the customer can produce the cylinder for a product they make.

Custom Systems Design

The custom machinery that Qsine designs often requires compact and accurately controlled power systems that can only be achieved with hydraulics. A high degree of control is usually required for applications requiring precision position, fixed or variable speed regulation and accurate force or torque limiting. We are experienced in applying a broad range of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems in these types of applications.

If the transmission requirement is simpler and the motion can be created and controlled with mechanical drivelines such as belts & pulleys, chains & sprockets, gearboxes, drive shafts etc., our services are generally not required. We usually refer customers on to MRO suppliers for for these applications.