Electronic Design

Most of Qsine's electronic control work centers around electronic management of hydraulic systems. Our expertise in electronics and hydraulics provides clients with smarter, simpler and easier to use systems. Clients attain integrated product solutions with superior performance and high reliability. We do build controls for mechanical and pure electronic systems but it is not our specialty.

We normally get called in when accurate position, rate, or load control is required or when automated functions are necessary. If the application is suitable for simple timer/logic circuits or even sophisticated PLC's, we normally send the customer to system integrators that can use off the shelf hardware.

If the specifications or requirements rule out commercial hardware, we will design electronic systems tailored to the application. We have developed numerous signal conditioning as well as open and closed loop controls for interfacing to hydraulic systems in the past.

We avoid general and emergency repair and troubleshooting service unless it is for a system that we originally produced.

Our comprehensive service includes both hardware and software development. We do in-house schematic capture and PCB layout for most work but we have suppliers that help us out if they have more experience with the hardware under development.

Multiple vendors are used for printed circuit board manufacturing. The one we choose depends on the sophistication of the board and the quantities required.

Low volume and prototype assembly is done in-house and we have vendors who do the high volume work. Inspection and quality control is done both in-house and by outside vendors also; it depends on the volumes and/or how critical the inspections are.

We develop software for a number of 8-bit microcontrollers. Our development has been for both single processor, embedded controls as well as distributed architectures such as CAN and LIN bus.