Qsine has developed its expertise across
a wide range of industries. This experience
allows rapid identification of unique or known
solutions to new problems and cuts down
significantly on development time.

Qsine has facilities and extensive experience in the design and delivery of sophistication solutions that integrate electronics, hydraulics and mechanical design. This combination of capabilities allows Qsine to manage complex projects, saving clients the effort and cost of identifying and managing separate suppliers.

Our predominant design expertise lie in three areas:

Designed at Qsine

Many clients who work with Qsine are looking to establish a strong competitive advantage. They want Qsine to help by designing high performance equipment, that in turn lets them provide higher value products or services to their clients. Customers often bring in new ideas and have us work through the entire development process with them, acting like an outsourced design and development arm of their company.

As a rule we do not undertake projects that are standards based, such as structural and safety equipment or projects that are developed to code. If clients require projects designed to code we refer them to engineering companies that specialize in that area.

We are best at providing design services for clients who want high end, custom product development that requires machining, fabrication, hydraulics and electronic controls. We especially excel when it comes to integrating any or all of these disciplines.

Qsine is currently regarded as a fabrication company more than a design company. However, since our inception in 1968, our services have been rooted in design and product development. Over this time we added capabilities to build prototypes and then products. With the success comes growth and manufacturing now dominates our business.

It has changed our philosophy and decision making: we now prefer to spend our design efforts on products that we can manufacture in-house as opposed to stand-alone, consulting type projects.

The fact that our role as designers has changes does not change the importance of design at Qsine. Our design capability remains a key factor in our company's cometitive advantage. The skills and solutions that we offer in design are really what sets us apart from the average fabrication and machine shops. Our experience consulting in product development has led us to develop systems and methods to execute "product design processes". It has been seen time and time again in our industry that a CAD station with an operator has limited value. The real value lies in the process of data collection, inspiration, creative outlet and addressing the details that can be captured and made physical by a CAD station.

Our clients have come to expect innovative designs and superior solutions to their problems. We strive to meet and exceed those expectations.