I would like to thank Harvey Duncan and Van Lai. Harvey helped me with the direction and content of this web site. I'm sure he was ready to go postal with me saying no to this that or the other thing and suggesting geeky this or that.

Van is the one that made it look so good. He took a fairly blasé template and with me grunting about this or pointing to that, and brought it to life like you see it now. Van's scripts and other programming trinkets made this entire web site's appearance consistent. And now a novice like me can keep adding and changing pages without messing up the formatting.

Thanks Van and Harvey!

Up Close and Personal

If you are new to my web site and wondering: "Can these guys help me?", you may want to skip this section. But if you find the rest of our web site interesting and you are thinking: "Who are these guys? And what makes them tick?" this is where you want to be. This is the vault where I publish the stuff that Qsine means to me personally.

It's been a great to put Qsine under the microscope again so that we could update our web site after all of these years. But quite frankly writing all of the formal presentations is killing me. I'm not a marketing guy by nature. Hence, the material in this section is informal and about he human aspects of Qsine... it's the stuff I find important. While I have added new material,a lot of it is salvaged from our old web site. I have received a lot of comments about this material over the years. Some from friends, some from other small business owners, some from people looking to work at Qsine and others who it just struck a chord with. Business relationships, despite their name, are person to person and these pages help me find common ground with people.

The non-commercial reasons why Qsine exists and does what it does is in these pages. I throw some of my humor into these pages because that's part of the real Qsine also. I certainly hope it doesn't offend anyone... but if it does, hit the little "X" on the top right of the window to close the file because I'm not taking it down!