Qsine Presently

Who we are today.

Today and for the foreseeable future, Qsine is a small business. As we made our way onto the internet, we kept getting advice to put up a web site with pizzazz, that makes our visitors believe that we are a big company. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I can't understand how deceiving people will make long term customers out of them. While our new website has considerably more pizzazz that than our last one, make no mistake about, Qsine is not a giant.

We are five people:
  • Jesse
  • Kevin
  • Kiet
  • Rika
  • Van

Our small size may be deceiving since there are many people that we deal with and depend upon to make everything happen.

Small is Not Always Beautiful
There are often days when we think being small is grand but certainly not every day. The lack of resources that makes us outsource often reminds us of how vulnerable we are to other people's schedules and changes in their businesses.

Reflecting back on the years, we often see where limited resources have forced us to find creative solutions. Sometimes out of near desperation we uncovered solutions and ideas that became treasures for us as well as our company. In many ways, we firmly believe that a creative mind comes from a hungry stomach. However, there needs to be surplus money to do development adequately. Where the balance is... we will probably never know!

Small is Not Always Small Either

We work on many types of projects (especially for a little outfit). Hence, we work with all sorts of people who can get various things done. From one person/couples working from their homes to businesses spanning multiple facilities on many acres of land.

Some people tell me they think Qsine is too big and they could never work somewhere where they couldn't walk around nude if they wanted to! Click here for a Word of Caution on doing so.

Others tell me Qsine is so small they couldn't imagine working somewhere where so little gets done! What is very satisfying is knowledge that there is a place for everyone... we just have to decide where we are going to carve out our niche.

The Resources We Do Have...

We have a good technical decription of our Facilities and what we do in our About Us page. This page is more about how we do it and why.

While it is not unusual to have a design office and a shop under one roof, our utilization of it is. We all are willing to work wherever the work is. Sometimes you will find just about everyone out in the shop and other times we are cramming people in the office; it just depends on the type of work that we are busy with. We all have to work the shop side to become better designers and we all have to work the design side to become better handymen.

The homogeneous environment extends everywhere. People are not limited to any one discipline whether it is in the shop or office. Everyone is free to learn machining, fabrication, welding etc. so they can perform anywhere in the shop.

There is method to this madness however. It's funny how the far side often teaches more about the close side than the close side does, but that seems to be the way it is. While this sounds like it is far from being productive, our goal is to be the best at what we do. Our method is efficient at building skills, even if it takes a bit of time. We know we can't shortcut a path to in depth understanding and experience, so we don't even try.

One of the real strengths from this approach is empathy or understanding what "the other guy" is going through. Understanding the challenges that are unique to design helps manufacturing and vise-versa. The two disciplines are intertwined, not exclusive; so people's knowledge must reflect this fact.

Another benefit with our approach is that it avoids artificial divisions which creates sides to start an argument from. Instead, complaints are more or less self directed and someone taking responsibility is always the first step to rectifying problems.