Qsine is the Place to Come When
Your Machinery Needs Require
Highly Skilled Heads and Hands.

Qsine invents and refines custom machinery and metal products.

At a time in business history when customer support and service is more talk than action and evolving into automated answering services and Internet web applications, Qsine is focussed on providing very personalized service. We work for a select number of companies who believe in forming relationships that are built on trust. Our custom design and small run manufacturing services are successful because we interact effectively with our customers.

Qsine Expertise

Qsine has earned a reputation for developing elegant solutions for both simple and complex problems alike. We are known for delivering world class, practical solutions in a timely manner. Qsine is well regarded for solving difficult problems, for creating clever manufacturing refinements and for developing clients ideas from the conceptual stage through to fully developed products.

We provides our customers with access to academic expertise in science and technology, practical experience in design and manufacturing as well as a broad supply chain for sourcing a multiude of components. We use this comprehensive skill set to manage projects from the conceptual stage through to the delivery of finished systems with minimal intervention from our customers. This saves the time, effort and pains associated with linking multiple suppliers. Plus our internal processes and systems never burden our clients.


In 1968 we started out as strictly a design office. Over the years, machines and tools were added to produce prototypes and, as we kept adding capabilities, the shop evolved into a full fledged manufacturing facility. Please see our History page if you would like more information about our past.

Manufacturing & Design

Manufacturing now makes up a larger portion of our business than design and development does. However, design and development is still a critical service as it is tightly interwoven with our manufacturing. As can be seen from our manufacturing pages, we rely on our development experience to create innovative designs and make our manufacturing efficient. The three key areas of our design services are:

  • machine design
  • hydraulic (hydrostatic) systems
  • electronic controls (hardware and software)

Machine design is very much a multidiscipline endeavor and it encompasses hydraulics and electronics; which are both very broad fields themselves. In hydraulics, we specialize in high performance systems that require finesse or a high degree of control. We offer a hydraulic integrated circuit design and manufacturing service, which is a specialty subset of hydraulics. Furthermore, the majority of our electronic work is electronic control over hydraulic systems. We are long time users of 3D CAD and computer numerical techniques for analysis. More details about our design capabilities can be seen on our design page.

Custom Projects

Since manufacturing is such a large part of what we do, our main focus is to develop products that we can manufacture on a repeat basis. However, we are still capable of completing highly specialized, one-off projects. See our Projects page, to see some examples of our past projects.

Clients & Industries

We have served many clients over a broad range of industries with diverse requirements. Some companies come to Qsine to solve a specific problem. Others look to explore new ideas, engaging us to create new designs, prototype units or just provide consultation for new research and development projects related to their industry. Others yet come to Qsine for exceptional quality fabricated or machined products.


To deliver the diverse machinery that we produce, we leverage a broad range of associates and suppliers who provide access to an extensive range of additional resources. Being well connected allows us to quickly locate and supply hard to find and unique items, gain insight into alternative solutions and speed research and development tasks. Qsine works with affiliates, who are sometimes competitors in certain market areas, to achieve the very best outcome for our customer. By growing and maintaining a large network of relations, we are connected to both innovative and economical services that augment or in-house capabilities.


From a new concept through to the delivery and support of a final product, Qsine can help anywhere within the product life cycle to create real, working solutions. Having worked through the process many times, we have developed the expertise and affiliations that allow us to manage the entire process with minimal customer intervention. Our customers find that by using Qsine to manage a project, they can leverage our existing infrastructure to reduce their workload, save on development time, reduce risk and minimize the effort of finding and linking into a supply chain.


As our manufacturing facility has evolved we have found that our focus has centered on producing product as opposed to being a service shop. There are many shops in Calgary focused on emergency service and repair fabrication and machining. For extremely quick turn-around service, we suggest that you will need to find one of these shops to properly take care of your needs.

When it comes to product development, manufacturing and after sales service for our products, Qsine has systems in place that are easily adapted to each client's or project's needs. We try and make our internal procedures transparent to our customers so that it is simple deal with us. If you have special requirements, we will do what we can to comply. We are known for providing timely and honest feedback on the progress of our assignments and clients know that every staff member at Qsine is personally responsible for meeting and exceeding client expectations.


High performance is the theme for most everything we build. Our pride comes from selling durable, reliable products to our clients. We believe a good piece of equipment is one that gets forgotten because the client never has to worry about it.

Our customers know that we stand behind every product so it performs exactly as expected. If there is an issue or mistake, we fix it. Clients know this is our way and we are proud that they feel good about coming back to do business with us.