Government project... lots of acronyms!
  • ILDS: Improved Landmine Detection System
  • RDV: Remote Detection Vehicle
  • DND Canada: Department of National Defence Canada
  • DRES: Defence Research Establishment Suffield
  • VCG: Vehicle Concepts Group
  • CDC: Computing Devices Canada
  • GDC: General Dynamics Canada (used to be CDC)
  • FLIR Camera: Forward Looking InfraRed Camera
  • MMD Sensor: Minimum Metal Detection Sensor (Electromagentic Induction Sensor)
  • GPR Sensor: Ground Penetrating Radar Sensor
  • TNA Sensor: Thermal Neutron Activation Sensor
  • ILDP: Improved Landmine Detector Project
  • ANT: Articulated Navigational Testbed
  • HDQGIT: How Did Qsine Get Into This?