Qsine Used Equipment Sales

Please note that we purchased a single lot of fabrication tools from a bank repossesion. Some of these machines are surplus from that purchase. All machines are being sold "as-is", without warranty. They can be inspected at Qsine 3250 46 Ave S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please call in advance for viewing (403) 248-9066. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Please note that the machine shop equipment, miscellaneous equipment and previously sold equipment are further down the page.

Fabrication Equipment For Sale...

For Sale...

Miller Goldstar 302

Serial#: KH537811
Approx. Year: 1997
Stick/Power Unit
Output: 32V/300A Max.
Input: 3 Phase 230V/61A 460V/31A 575V/25A
Power Cable Only, NO Welding Cables, No Cart

Excellent to Near New Condition

$1,800.00 OBO

For Sale...

Lincoln Ideal Arc 250

Serial#: AC-1956
Approx. Year: Unknown
Output: 30V/250A Max.
Input: Single Phase 230V/66A
Excellent Condition

Collectors Piece. We will restore for show if it doesn't sell.

$1,200.00 OBO

Machine Shop Equipment
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For Sale...

Microcut Model 1340

Serial#: 862061
Approx. Year: Mid 1980's
13" Swing, 40" between Centers
Inch Units
5 HP, 3 Phase 220V
95-2030 RPM, Gear Head
1.53" Through Spindle
8" 3-jaw, 8" 4-Jaw, Taper Attachment (Never Used),
15 Indexing Tool Post (No Tooling), #3 MT Tail,
Steady & Follow Rests, Foot Switch Panic/Brake,
Very Good Condition, under power & running.

$5,000.00 OBO

For Sale...

TOS Model SN-40B

Serial#: 049200791329
Approx. Year: Early 1980's
16" Swing, 80" between Centers
Inch Units
7 HP, 3 Phase 220V/19A
22.4-2000 RPM, Gear Head
2.10" Through Spindle
12" 3-jaw, 10" & 12" 4-Jaw, Dorian
Clone Tool Post (No Tooling), TOS Tool Post,
#5 MT Tail, Coolant
Good Condition, under power & running.

$10,000.00 OBO

Miscellaneous Equipment
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For Sale...

Qsine Built Hydraulic Power Unit

Approx. Year: 1980's
30 Hp 1750 RPM
3 Phase 220V/78A 460V/39A
Crouse Hinds APJ 10477 - 100A Connector
Sundtrand 18-7015 Pump, ? cc/? cu in
Pressure & Flow Compensator
Modular Controls Flow Control: NV1-16-K-6
Headlands 30 GPM High Pressure Flow Meter
Good Condition - No way to connect to my shop power

$2,000.00 OBO

Previously Sold Equipment
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2 Old Barracuda Parts Cars

Black Serial#: V9B59182523
Gold Serial#: 7449177487
Approx. Year: 1964-1965
Both are Originall 273 V8 Cars
Black one has 8-3/4" Posi Differential 3.23:1
also 14" Ralley Rims c/w Small Centers &mp 4" Bolt Pattern
Beyond Restoration for the Average Enthusiast

$500.00 for both OBO


Linde VI252 c/w Canox C-30-E Feeder

Serial#: B77-C-11610 Welder
Serial#: HK244079 Feeder
Approx. Year: 1970's
Input: 3 Phase 230V/30A 460V/15A 575V/12.5A
Output: 37V/250A/100% Duty Cycle
Tough Gun, Power Cable, Regulator & Cart Included

We tried to keep this machine until it quit...
I don't think it will ever die! Good condition.

$800 OBO


ESAB HeliArc352 complete Water Cooled TIG system

Serial#: TJ-J126001 Welder
Serial#: AB-J2050727 Water Cooler
Approx. Year: 2001
Hi-Frequency AC/DC TIG/Stick
Output: 36V/380A/25% Duty Cycle
Output: 29V/225A/100% Duty Cycle
Input: Single Phase 230V/174A 460V/87A 575V/70A
Water Cooled Gun, 25' Ground, Foot Pedal
Pulse Kit & Cart Included

Excellent Condition

$4,000.00 OBO


Miller Dimension 302 c/w S-22A Feeder

Serial#: KJ033400 Welder
Serial#: KJ024060 Feeder
Approx. Year: 1998
Multi-Function CV/CC
Output: 32V/300A/100% Duty Cycle
Input: 3 Phase 230V/60A 460V/30A 575V/24A
25' Cables, Carts Included

Good to Very Good Condition

$3,000.00 OBO


Miller XR Feeder c/w XR Edge Gun

Serial#: LC112180
Approx. Year: 2002
Input: 24V/5A/50-60Hz
Output: 100V/400A/100% Duty Cycle
Control Cables, Power Cable & Regulator Included

Good Condition

$1,000 OBO


Miller S-32P

Serial#: KG065524
Approx Year: 1996
Voltage Sensing Wire Feeder
Output: Max 100V & Max 320A
Input: Max 100V & 7A

Was Working when Pulled but Pretty Beatup

$600.00 OBO


Hobart R-300

Serial#: 12RT-64328
Approx. Year: Unknown
Output: 32V/300A Max.
Input: 3 Phase 230V/60A 460V/30A 575V/24A

Good Cosmetic Condition but we've never had it hooked up.

$600.00 OBO


Miller CP200

Serial#: CP8279
Approx. Year: 1970's
Mig Welder Constant Potential
Output: 28V/200A/100% Duty Cycle
Input: 3 Phase 208V/20.6A 230V/18.6 575V/7.4A
Cart Included

Tired Machine



ESAB 352CV with Mig 4HD Feeder

Serial#: MC-1715134
Approx. Year: Unknown
Output: 34V/450A Max.
Input: 3 Phase 230V/60A 460V/30A

$3,400.00 OBO


ESAB Heliarc 252 AC/DC

Serial#: TL-J013009
Approx. Year: Unknown
Output: 33V/320A Max.
Input: Single Phase 230V/136A 460V/68A 575V/54A

$3,200.00 OBO


ESAB MigMaster 251

Serial#: MG1842071
Approx. Year: Unknown
Output: 30V/250A Max.
Input: Single Phase 230V/62A 460V/31A 575V/25A

$1,800.00 OBO


ESAB MultiMaster 260

Serial#: MORJ101079
Approx. Year: Unknown
Mig/Stick (Tig can be added)
Output: 27V/260A Max.
Input: Single Phase 208V/57A 230V/52A
Recently serviced

$2,400.00 OBO



Serial#: PE1825059
Approx. Year: Unknown
Plasma Cutter
Output: 120V/60A Max.
Input: Single or Three Phase
208V/55A(1)/26A(3) 230V/49A(1)/24A(3)


$400.00 OBO


Lincoln Wirematic 250

Serial#: AC-825955
Approx Year: Unknown
Output: 26V/250A Max.
Input: Single Phase 208V/53A 230V/49A

$1,600.00 OBO

Wire feed has an intermittent problem.
1,000.00 OBO