Qsine's core philosophy is that solutions to difficult problems are created most effectively by people who develop the resources and experience to solve them tactically. Our objective is to solve difficult machinery and machine business problems using our knowledge, resources and networks.

Our website always seems a work in progress but at the moment, one product line we would really like to highlight is our stainless steel tanks. We have found our customer satifaction with this line of products has been very high over the years and we feel it is an area where we simply excel. More information is available in our products section for stainless tanks.

At Qsine, we integrate precision fabrication, welding and CNC machining with sophisticated machine, hydraulic and electronic design. From simple component or process improvements to patented products or turnkey systems, Qsine excels at developing and manufacturing machinery that requires intellect, craftsmanship, finesse and resolve to get to the end result.

Since 1968, we have made a trademark out of inventing and refining custom industrial machinery which advances the market positions of our customers. Qsine's history is colourfully defined by the challenging projects that we have successfully completed. The degree of innovation, range of solutions and level of sophistication is evident in the products we create and testify to the abilities of our organization.

We create and help people invent machinery and metal products to solve technical, quality or delivery problems found in any industry. We step up when the solutions from retail or standard commercial sources are inadequate. Qsine's development and manufacturing services provides customers with processes, ideas and products that are unavailable through typical machine and fabrication shops or engineering firms.

Our work often remains hidden behind the scenes while advancing the state of our client's product or service offerings. We have earned a reputation for delivering world class results that display as:

  • elegant solutions to simple and complex problems.
  • clever manufacturing refinements that improve quality and efficiency.
  • refinements for market specialization.
  • fully developed products that started as undefined concepts.
  • novel inventions that have either opened entirely new markets or cornered established ones.

We maintain our customer service through a simple philosophy: build talent, then use it, as opposed to scrambling for staff after booking orders. The key is limiting and dedicating ourselves to a select number of customers. We allocate design and shop time for our existing customers before we look for new ones. This helps us meet or exceed our clients expectations for attention and turn around on projects.

One of the unique strengths Qsine possesses is a corporate culture that encourages our people to fully develop skills for both design and manufacturing. Our focus is to achieve top-tier results by eliminating barriers that cause a disconnect between the design office and manufacturing shop. Information and responsibilities flow freely and provide an environment were creative ideas can emerge.

Our Products, Past Projects and General Manufacturing pages give an idea of what our capabilities are. They are certainly not what we are limited to. If you think we can be of assistance in developing your ideas or products, please feel free to use the inquiry form on our contact page to open a discussion about where you could use our help. For confidentiality reasons, we will not accept new ideas or product development suggestions over the Internet. Please call us if you wish to discuss these items. We are eager to learn more about you.