Q-36: Qsine Plugable Amplifier for Low Speed,
Inductive Proximity Sensing

High Signal Integrity and Reliability in Low Speed Tachometry Applications

The Q-36 amplifies the output signal from magnetic, inductive proximity sensors for input into digital data acquisition equipment or readouts. It is great for measuring:

  • Pump shaft speeds
  • Flow meters rate sensors
  • Any gear tooth speed sensing applications where signal fall-off at slow speed causes inaccurate or unreliable readings
The features our customers appreciate are:
  • Multiple Voltage Input: Works in both 12 & 24 Volt Systems.
  • Industrial Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).
  • Accurate & Full Range: At 50 mV, the high sensitivity creates dependable signals at very slow speeds (actual results depend on the sensor being used) and the 500 kHz input frequency limit is far higher than the capability of inductive pickups.
  • Cost Effective, Professional Installation: The optional DIN rail mounted base is compact and very quick to install while the screw terminals make wiring simple and avoids the need for cumbersome connectors. Overall it provides a professional looking finish while saving time and money.
  • User Friendly: With a quick glance, the status LED’s on the base tell the operator if everything is working fine or not and helps them troubleshoot with technicians over the telephone.
  • Convenient Service: Plug-in amplifier allows tool-less part changes.
  • Reliable: Resists vibrations typical to mobile equipment very well. We have amplifiers that have been working continuously since 2003.
  • Satisfaction: We have a very happy customer base with 1000’s of units in operation.
We originally designed the amplifier for an oilfield service customer who was discontent with the product he was using. The features above are basically a list of the problems we solved for him and the benefits he found with our product. He was experiencing failures every 6-18 months and requested that we make the amp a plug in module to speed replacement and prevent wiring errors. Since we have had so few problems and replacements over the years, that customer laughingly told us that our amp really does not need the plug in feature!