Qsine stands behind every item we produce.
If it's not right, we make it right.
...It's that simple.

Every Qsine product performs exactly as expected or we fix it, without hassel if it does not. Our clients have gotten to know that this is our way and it keeps them coming back.

We are also known for our perpetual search of ways and means to improve products while reducing costs, and speeding delivery; and never by sacrificing performance, function or finish.

The experience our people bring to custom manufacturing is what makes Qsine unique. Our knowledge extends well beyond basic operation of fabrication and machine tools. We have a thorough understanding of fixtures and tooling, process side effects, inspection & measurement, correction techniques and an in depth understanding of materials. We also respect that each piece machinery is unique and compensate for behaviours that emerge as the manufacturing progresses.

A Few Words About Quality Control...

Our belief is that quality is an outcome and is not an objective that we can target directly. Hence, visitors to our facility seldom hear the word spoken and never see the word written. Our goals are to discover and use techniques and tools that give us high quality results. Everyone here understands that quality control is their responsibility.

We do not operate under ISO 9000 or any other rigid quality control system. We create and maintain our standards based on the experience of our people and tailor our processes to suite the requirements of each product or project. For example, the military, landmine detection vehicle required strict control through documentation and written change notices. Fabrication of one-off items like aluminum toolboxes and custom fenders are tailor fitted to individual trucks and require minimal documentation to keep costs under control. Our systems are flexible enough to handle the full range of projects or products.

Qsine staff are encouraged to think their way through building a product and to use their past experience to judge the quality of a build while it is in progress. They are not given rigid "go, no-go" rules to follow after the fact. To be employed with us, a person must continually show the ability to learn, develop and apply good judgment. It is our model for continuous training.

Our approach to teaming is to allow each individual to develop in-depth expertise at what they are good at and what they enjoy doing while cross training as many disciplines as they can handle. This creates an environment where staff can either handle a project from beginning to end or know exactly where to bring in the "expert" coworker to ensure that the best results are obtained. This approach helps us achieve rapid production with high quality.

There is a current myth in manufacturing that a build comes out "right" only when a certain and correct procedure is followed. The truth is that there is always more than one way to build something correctly, especially in custom work. The trick is to avoid the thousands of ways to do it wrong.

Humbly, we rely on thousands of lessons learned and use techniques that we have developed to provide the best results that we can. We maintain a steady awareness to look for better ways of doing what we do so that tomorrows results will be better that todays.