A Nice Blast from the Past

This story was e-mailed to me when Mr. Seely came across Qsine's web site. Thank you very much for tanking the time to write Mr.Seeley!

Hello Kevin Saruwatari,

My name is Sheldon Seeley. I recently restored and painted a 1958 Ford 671 Select-O-Speed farm tractor. Of what interest is this to you? I suppose nothing other than I read your story of how your father started out with Robin/Nodwell and the particular tractor I restored is fitted with a Robin hydraulic front end loader. I anticipate entering this farm tractor in a number of antique agricultural farm equipment shows and while researching the history on not only the tractor but the hydraulic front end loader I located your story.

For you see this particular Ford Tractor and loader sits very close to me. It was purchased by my late grand father in 1957 from his brother, my great uncle's Ford dealership in Merrickville, Ontario. My grandfather operated a small holstein farm near the community of Dundela, Ontario and purchased the Robin/Nodwell hydraulic front end loader at the same time for the various jobs around his farm. He used the tractor and loader from 1957 to 1976 in his daily chores until he was forced to retire due to health reasons.

My late father then used the tractor and loader tenderly for snow removal and bush hogging until his untimely passing in 2001. I have taken over ownership and it will now likely be limited to show use only..... a well deserved rest. I tried matching paint colour by memory only and the decals have also been replaced by memory. The model and serial number are still legible on the aluminum plate affixed to the front of the loader. The loader is still fully functional and although the lines and seals have been replaced I don't recall either my grandfather or father ever complaining about the design or it's incapabilities. Kudos to your father and his engineering and development skills.

I thought you might be interested in something your father had a involvement in and where it might be today. I've included some photos......


Sheldon Seeley