Open Source: Other Projects People Have Done

There are other significant projects in progress.

Interesting Links:

The following two projects are particularly interesting in that they are Open Source projects that are commercially sponsored. AutoSAR is a consortium of automotive companies developing next generation electronic systems for cars that will be shared throughout the industry. The software is likely only available to consortium members which is understandable. Eclipse is an electronic industry consortium creating a universal development environment for control software that, in the end, will work on any manufacturer's processor. This software is available to anyone.

These are true Open Source projects and I have no idea how they are funded:

Some of these are serious projects that took considerable effort and there are more out there. In doing research for this page, I scoured the Internet to see what other people are doing for open source projects. I was surprised at how far advanced some projects were and disappointed to see how disconnection other seemingly similar projects were. The inconsistency is not surprising considering the way the projects are managed.