Details, details, details...

Those with the patience and perserverance to endlessly study and discover details are rewarded with beauty and understanding.

To me it is interesting that the flip-side to the above statement is noted by Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo in a song called "The Seeker" where he states: "When beauty became a prison, you found your freedom in the mundane". To me it says: "Choose the traps which you set for yourself carefully as you will live your life in them".

One of dad's hobbies is to shoot close up, detailed photos of small subjects. These photos are dotted around our web site and I've put a photo essay of some of his macro photos here in case you like them and want a decent resolution copy.

Please note that these pictures are Qsine's property under Copyright law. Please do not reproduce them for clip art or stock photography purposes. If you want them for wallpaper on your computer that's fine. If you want to use them on your web site or for commercial purposes, please give credit as follows:

   Picture by Mick Saruwatari Copyright Qsine Corporation Limited 2002.

If you do use the photos for a web site or commercial purposes, out of courtesy, please let me know via the inqiry form on our Contact Us Page.

Thank you for your cooperation.