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Would you be interested in working for or partnering with Qsine? We are always looking for talented staff and/or associates. Review the following page and if it sounds interesting, please complete the online form below to introduce yourself.

From a simple component or a complex new machine, Qsine strives to provide innovative, high performance solutions and products with exceptional fit and finish. To do this we need clever, hard working people motivated by their own pride. Chances are if you have ever had a co-worker say "Don't work so hard you're making the rest of us look bad" you will fit in at Qsine. If you have ever said it to anyone don't waste your time making an application.

We like to work with people who strive for and achieve technical excellence in everything they do. For those who value producing quality results, continual learning and teamwork, we think you will find Qsine is a great place to work either as an employee or an affiliate. Our work is all custom. As a result, we do not have highly repetitive tasks for our workers. Problem solving and facing new challenges daily is the norm.

Jobs and Careers

Qsine is always looking to enter long term relationships with people who posses the right attitude and natural aptitude for machinery and the machinery business. The custom work we specialize in creates a diverse work environment that is well suited to multidiscipline people, who are technically clever and like to solve technical problems. The focus of what we do is simply doing it right.

We have a small, clean, custom fabrication and machine shop environment. We do not get weighed down by excessive slogans, mission statements, political correctness and protocol. We are known for being straight forward and delivering results.

Hence, we are not overly concerned nor impressed by paper credentials such as degrees, tickets or diplomas. Skill sets are valuable but a person's attitude and natural aptitude are the biggest assets. With them, learning and honing skills come easily and quickly. We believe the skills people can acquire are just as valuable as the ones they already have, if not more.

As stated above, clever and hardworking people are what we look for. Over the years, I have had many people that were underutilized where they were or where they went after being at Qsine. Other organizations "pigeon holed" them into what they hired them for and never gave a second look at what they could be doing. I do not do that. When someone is hired, it will be to fill a certain need but once in, and if we like them, we try and find a home for that person. We do this by letting people try different things around the shop and seeing what else they are good at.

Useful Skills

In the shop, our primary requirements for skills are:
  • heavy sheetmetal #18 Ga. to 1/4 shear & brake work (not HVAC work)
  • manual & semiautomatic welding of steel, aluminum and stainless in Mig, Tig and stick (not pressure welding)
  • conventional and CNC machine shop (not tool & die work)

In the mechanical office, the primary skills are:
  • AutoCAD with Mechanical Desktop
  • Sheetmetal Design skills
  • Machine Design skills including understanding of fastening and strength of materials
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet research skills

In the electronic office, the primary skills are:
  • 8 bit microcontrollers and assembly programming
  • Understanding hardware logic design, power/heat dissipation, linear and analog circuits
  • Prototype hardware assembly
  • Programming with any recent Windows tools (user interface work)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet research skills

What we looking for in Staff
An ideal candidate needs have enough initiative and exploring nature to continually draw him or her to learn new aspects about the work that they do. The custom nature of our work requires clever candidates who can think through designs and solve problems that arise. There are no "button-pushing" jobs at Qsine. Naturally we look for improving skill levels and attention to detail is critical. Our Staff are ultimately responsible for meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, not just the boss's.

Even if we there is not a role open, we often hire people for part time and moonlighting positions so we can get to know them. We will create positions for people that have the right attitude and aptitude. As well, we may have an affiliate who does have an opening, so we ask that you use the form below to introduce and tell us a bit about yourself.

You can save the resume for later. Everyone will get a response from us within two days.

What does multidiscipline mean at Qsine

Employees that have proper initiative and aptitude will get the opportunity to learn and practice everything from welding and fabrication to conventional and CNC machining to mechanical CAD design to electronic hardware and software control design. Candidates will find they are limited only by time and their desire to learn and grow. Qsine does not place limits on employee involvement and training within the company.

For example we have technologists that run the shear & brake and machine tools to build products they design and help out when the shop is busy. We have welders that can layout their own projects in CAD. We have computer programmers that weld and run machine tools.

We also recognize experts in each area. This allows many projects to be managed by one individual, saving time and providing continuity. Staff know who is best at which procedure and can bring in expertise as required to ensure each process is conducted to the highest standards.

Machinery systems are a combination of many disciplines that all need to be understood and executed well to make well thought out, working solutions. The people at Qsine all need to understand not only what they do well but what the others do well also. Each has to contribute in as many areas as possible and in a meaningful way. Thus, the chemistry of the Qsine team is more important than any one individual. Again, attitude.

Partners and Affiliates

Qsine has achieved much more than its size would indicate by building a broad network of affiliates, suppliers and partners. Depending on the project we may need your computer design skills, technical skills or unique specialization. Whether you operate as an independent professional or represent a multinational company, we would be pleased to discuss your skills and talents. Then, when that special assignment comes up, we know who you are and we can be prepared to work together.

How do we know if we are compatible?

Picking the right company to work for is as an important decision for you as finding the right employee is to us. We do not use obscure psychological tests or intensive interviewing processes. You may be asked to run some sample tests to illustrate your skills where applicable.

Basically, we just want to get to know you before we hire you. We prefer not to fill full time positions with strangers. Instead we like to work with people on either a trial, part time or training basis; sometimes in the off-hours if it works better for the candidate. Once we know people it is easier to place them in a position or create one for them.

Normally, we like to spend a month or two with candidates to show them what we do and how we do it. They get a chance to do the same. Whenever possible, we like to see how people fit in with the existing staff and how the staff responds to them. Maintaining and improving the team chemistry is top priority.

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